When I Started

I first began writing about fashion when I was about 14 or 15 years old and when free blogging sites became available online, my brother set up an account for me and I started writing for others, not just myself. I soon found other fashion writers online and began following them and communicating with them. From them I received much help and encouragement and from there my interest has grown.

The Fashion Shows

Having always lived in London, I have been able to follow fashion shows as they happen, not just the big international shows, but shows at a more local level too. Thanks to the internet, now every morning I can go online to see the latest celebrity photos from last nights red carpet events. These can be film premieres, record releases, art show openings, award ceremonies and so much more. These events are opportunities to see what what famous people are wearing, what they have said and guessing what is going to be copied and on sale in a few months time for us mere mortals.

fashion model on the catwalk

Red carpet events

When a red carpet event takes place in London I like to go and experience it all for myself. I find out what time the red carpet is going to open and make sure I am there early. There is no point me being with the photographers as I don’t see a thing, but next down the line are the reporters. This is where I stand, to take a good look at the clothes and see what they have to say about the event.

Red carpet events are very well organised so I have to be patient. Each celebrity is announced to photographers and are escorted down the carpet so that everything remains properly paced and there’s no problem with too many celebrities appearing too close together time-wise. Although this sounds quite robotic, the interviews are fun as the ladies are just themselves and not acting. I’m as interested in the women as much as the clothes, and that’s as true for the models as for the celebrities.


I’m now a married woman, living in a small apartment with my husband Rob. He too is supportive of my interest in fashion which I appreciate very much. Rob’s given me free reign to design our apartment and it’s fun to keep on trend without having to spend a lot of money. When it comes to clothes, I enjoy looking out for high street copies of what I’ve seen on the catwalk. I must admit to having a couple of designer dresses. I justify the expense because I know they will last me a lifetime and are worth every penny I paid for them as they are not just stunning to wear, they are beautiful works of art.

centerpiece decoration