Celebrity Hairstyles

a picture of Katie Holmes haircut


Katie had three haircuts in a weekend, getting it shorter and shorter. Now with a slicked pixie crop, her shoulder length bob is no more. The cut was planned for her role in the film The Doorman. Katie plays an ex-Marine, and whilst Katie wanted short hair, she still wanted it to move on camera.
2018: If Katie wants to go back to a shoulder length bob in 2018, the trend will be for a bob with a fringe for a look that is surprisingly wearable, just as long as you choose a fringe more casual than a blunt cut.


Parker has been called the actress with the “best hair in show business” so we all sat up and took notice in the summer 2017 when her balayage, chic long waves changed to a chic new bob hairstyle. The balayage look, a colour rather than a style, gave her a sun-kissed look, giving her hair the beautiful dimension was saw on Carrie Bradshaw and isn’t going to go out of fashion any time soon. The new look was for a new role.
2018: The balayage technique is going to remain popular to add a hint of sophistication, whilst also looking like natural highlights. Rose gold balayage hair colours are predicted to be the most popular in 2018.

a picture of Sarah Jessica Parker


Ariana Grande has kept her signature brunette half up half down ponytail, but surprised us all in 2017 with a new look with lilac grey hair.
2018: With the past year being focused on pastels and grey hair, 2018 will add a bit of luxury to the trend. This means we’ll see silver (rather than grey) hair that has a shiny, metallic finish that transforms matte grey hair into something magnificent.


In May, Dunham arrived at the Met Gala wearing a tousled up-do, but a couple of months later she went super short. Once long, now super short, the Girls actress took to Instagram to reveal her newly cropped locks. To have been fully on trend, she could have bleached it.
2018: On every fashion runway recently the models have been wearing headbands. At Dolce they were golden and embellished, but they were also seen as accessorised with oversized bows or had an athletic twist. The easiest way to update your hair for 2018, even if your hair is super-short, is wear a hair band.


In the summer 2017 Alicia changed from her natural textured hair to bright orange, yellow and pink braids. A bold look that Keys’ played cool. She showed off her new look on Instagram, giving us a view from the back, with the ‘90s look accentuated by matching watermelon pink trousers. Some suggested, having seen the view from the front, that some ombre could be detected. It was a look that was on trend for Kaley Cuoco, aka Penny from The Big Bang Theory who also got what she termed “dreamy sherbet hair” with hints of purple in her icy blonde look.
2018: Curly and natural textured hair was celebrated in 2017. In 2018 the curls get bigger and better.


From Twilight to Indie Darling, Kristen Stewart surprised us all at the start of 2017 when she transformed from her former brunette style. While she had moved on from the long brunette locks seen in the teen vampire franchise that was Twilight, in February she had her hair shaved and dyed a bright bleached blonde, her boldest style yet. The bleached buzz cut has grown out slightly with new roots and icy tips that look like she’s been inspired by a few of the members of 1990s boy bands.
2018: From Selena Gomez to Lily Collins, dirty blonde is the new celebrity hair colour trend, with the roots kept dark and the lengths a warm golden blonde.