Holiday Home Decor

Rob and I live in a small city apartment so we have got limited space. We will not be buying the biggest Christmas tree in the neighbourhood, only because Rob refuses to put any of our furniture into storage which is the only way this could happen. This has got me looking at some ideas for Christmas decorations for people like us who want Christmas decorations to enjoy, which means they do not interfere with our daily lives.

small decorations

Kitchen decor

Whilst my kitchen is going to be busy with you preparing food and drink for guests over the holiday season, I have seen an idea for decorating kitchen cabinets by tying ribbon to small wreathes or other ornaments and attaching them to the back of the cabinet doors. I’m going to do identical wreathes for each door so it ties together. If I have time and materials, I’m going to copy the idea in the bathroom.

High spots

Our hallway is narrow, but it has high ceilings, so I bought some white card and using some snowflake templates from the local craft shop, I’ve made 70 snowflakes. Then I’ve just hole-punched them, threaded some clear fishing line through the hole and stuck them to the ceiling with clear tape. If you are doing the same, test the tape will not damage the paintwork first. This is a great decoration whether there’s snow lying on the ground outside or not.

Simple centrepieces

I have not got room on my dining table for a large floral centrepiece, so this year I’m making compact centrepieces from mason jars into which I’m going to put dark green tinsel topped with a layer of cranberries. I’m going to cover this with water and have a candle floating among the cranberries.

A tiny tree

I wasn’t going to sacrifice space for the tree, because it would be too inconvenient, but I would still like a tree. We’ve decided to go small and simple with a mini holiday tree and I’ve found the daintiest of fairy lights to go with it. I’ll not be adding any other decorations to the tree.

centerpiece decoration

Colour your mantle-piece

When we renovated, we added a fireplace to our living area, as a focal point to our living room. I’m going to give the mantle a holiday makeover that will catch everyone’s attention by. I’m going to deck it out with a garland and red candles.


This is a fun idea for me and Rob. We have got high ceilings throughout the apartment so I’m going to arrange a romantic mistletoe bouquet to hang from the ceiling. Any excuse for holiday smooch, I’m putting together pine, eucalyptus, holly, cedar and mistletoe.

Scent me seasonal

There are smells that conjure up the magic of Christmas I felt as a child, setting up a wonderful atmosphere. I am going to fill the house with holiday aromas with a stove-top pot-pourri to include cranberry and cinnamon to create a winter wonderland aroma.